About Us

Hauser Family Therapy was born out of a partnership formed many years ago. Katie and David met in graduate school, where they trained to become therapists at Northwestern University’s The Family Institute. A respect for each other’s compassion for others, along with a shared appreciation and curiosity for the depth of the human experience fostered an initial connection between the two. This connection blossomed into a love that formed and matured over the next several years. Katie and David went on to marry and begin their professional lives, back where they originally met, at The Family Institute. After spending several years publishing, teaching, supervising new therapists, and gaining more training of their own at Northwestern, in 2015 Katie and David welcomed their first child, Maya into the world and later in 2016, Russell. Katie and David have enjoyed the abundance of love that growing a family offers, while learning and growing from the endless sacrifice and hard work of parenting. In 2017, Katie and David’s partnership grew, realizing their goal of becoming professional partners when they opened Hauser Family Therapy. With humility and gratitude, Katie and David are partners in leading Hauser Family Therapy with the goal of offering the highest of quality therapy to our clients and growing a practice filled with talented and compassionate therapists.